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The company, which is located in Santorini, Greece, was founded in 1991, under the name SIGALAS WINERY Ltd. The winery was initially located in the traditional canava of the Sigalas family. In 1998, a new production, bottling and aging facility was constructed, located in a privately owned area. Since then, and after continuous investment in modernization and expansion of the facilities, the company has a processing and bottling production capacity of 300,000 bottles annually.

2003 was a milestone, since the shareholders of the company were increased, resulting in the increase of the financial capacity of the company. This is also the year when the company was renamed as DOMAINE SIGALAS S.A.

The wines are exported to Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Holland, England, Cyprus, Switzerland, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, USA and Canada.

Today, DOMAINE SIGALAS continues to implement its growth plan, based on the three principles on which it was created: a creative relationship with the traditions of the island of Santorini, technical savvy and quality.


  • Domaine Sigalas, Greece

  • 60% Mavrotragano, 40% Mandilaria

  • Fermentation and ageing for 1 year in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature. One part of the must ferments in french oak barrels. Deep crimson colour, refreshing scent of red fruit, a bouquet of finely blended aromas, tannins and acidity.

  • Red meat or rich cooked dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine and mild cheese. Served at room temperature (17° C - 18° C).



  • Domaine Sigalas, Greece

  • 100% Mavrotragano

  • Deep red colour, aroma of spices and red fruit. Rich and gentle tannins, balanced acidity and complex after-taste.

  • Cheese and meat. Served at room temperature 18° C.



  • Domaine Sigalas, Greece

  • 100% Assyrtiko

  • Straw blonde colour, with light shades of green and a subtle nose of citrus fruit. Excellent structure with a depth of flavor and an acidity which brings the flavors to the fore and adds freshness, with a lasting after-taste. Has the characteristic mineral taste - typical of the variety and the soil of Santorini- at it' s very best.

  • Fish and white meat with light sauces. Served at 10’C - 11° C.

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